20 to 29 August 2022
19th patronal of Omegna

One of the most popular and rooted in the territory, with concerts , markets, cultural events and amazing fireworks on the lake. San Vito’s Festival in Omegna has always been chacracterized by the big charity lottery , focal point of this patron festival for 119 years.
It funded the making of concerts, fireworks, shows but above all, thanks to it, doing charity to institutions and no-profit associations, is possible for the celebration committee.

Together for San Vito
During the festival, celebrations in honour of San Vito, the Town Patron, the Holy Mass in collegiate church of Saint Ambrogio and the traditional celebration with the urn of the Saint, will take place.

The charity lottery
In widespread and reduced mode, 3 sell points are located in the Town Centre inside the cozy wooden cottege and an exposition under the Town Hall arcades, close to the stage, set in Largo Cobianchi, where having a look at the prizes and collecting them will be possible!

SAN VITO 2022- 119 th edition
All the shows will take place in the most characteristic points of the Old Town: Largo Cobianchi for the main concerts on the main stage, in a suggestive location; Cultural debates in Don Beltrami Square in front of the entrance of Saint Ambrogio collegiate church, markets in the playground area along Gramsci lakeside, Children area at Omegna Forum and much more...Enjoy it!