San Vito 2019

From Saturday 24 August to Monday 2 September in the Old Town.

10 days of celebration for the patron festival in Omegna.

During the last two weeks of August Omegna Cheers up with its streets and squares full of events and free concerts, street markets and an important Charity lottery. Music Fireworks are a recall nobody can resist and the moment everybody’s been waiting for. During the festival, celebrations of Saint Vito, the co-Patron of the Town( together with Saint Ambrogio), the holy mass at the “Collegiata” church and the traditional procession carrying the Urn of the Saint , in the town streets, will take place.


Saturday 24

Salera Square  Gardens square  Beltrami Square

13,30 Monte Zuoli M.T.B. G.P.

17,30 Opening celebration of the awesome Charity Lottery

18,00 Holy Mass at “ Collegiata Sant ‘Ambrogio” Church

21,00 Opening of “San Vito Bimbi“ ( Child version of the festival )

21,30  Disco on place

21,30  Contest of local singers in the 116° “festival Voci nuove” Award in memory of Don Giovanni Zolla.

White Night , special guest: Ilaria Carpo and later WHITE NIGHT by the “San Vito Giovani” organization!

Dj set by RAINO

21,50  Escuela de Baile La Clave soy yo by Giovanni Verde

Salera Square  Gardens square  Beltrami Square

Sunday 25

9,00 65 Km. Cycling Tour around Lake Orta Solidarity tour pro UILDM

10,30 Holy mass at “Collegiata” church

15,00 Climbing of the bell tower

15,00 “Lampi di San Vito 2019” Chess tournament 10’+3’’

21,30. Fireworks in music show by Martarello-GFG Graziani 8th “fireworks festival 2019” evening show

22,00 The Solidarity singer and later… SAN VITO’S GOT TALENT!!!

22,10  MAGIC music


Salera Square  Gardens square  Beltrami Square

Monday 26

20,30 presentation of PAFFONI FULGOR OMEGNA basket team

21,15  Escuela de baile, La Clave so yo y Giovanni Verde

21,30   Remembering Kelly with DJ Veleno and DJ Cecco

21,30  “Risatissima” show with Paolo Cantoni e Dado ( comedians)

Special guest DOLCENERA

21,50   Evening show with Arcademia- Academy school

Salera Square  Gardens square  Beltrami Square

Tuesday 27

20,45  Presentation of “A.S.D. “Ramatese Omegna “ football team

21,30  Dog University! 4 legs and…

21,30  the exciting Trio – Charm and sensuality in the lyric passion

21,50   Aerobic Dance Center with Carola and Elisa. A long –term dance school experience with classic, jazz, hip hop and modern dance classes.


Salera Square  Gardens square  Beltrami Square

Wednesday 28

21,00 prizegiving of the photo contest “ Vette d’artificio”

21,30 Rap Battle night

21,30  performance by Arcademia- Academy school

Later… “the ones who used to dance at La Perla disco” . Music from the 70’s and 80’s with Cecco, Gigio, Billy and Tommy

Special guest this night on the stage…GAZEBO

21,30   Concert: 7 S8 all the music you wanted in 1 compilation!


Salera Square  Gardens square  Beltrami Square

Thursday 29

20,30 Holy mass at “Collegiata”

20,30  presentation of the “Omegna pallavolo 1988 “ volley team

21,30/23,00 the bell tower tour with the volunteers of “San Vito giovani”

21,30   Pit Stop! Racing Cars

21,30   Latino american music with the italian duo: LOS LOCOS the history. Roberto Boribello and Paolo Franchetto

21,50   Dance performance . Modern, acrobatic and artistic gymnastic by Jessica Lombardi.


Salera Square  Gardens square  Beltrami Square

Friday 30

20,30 Holy mass at “ Collegiata” Sant’Ambrogio

20,45  Presentation of ASD DINAMO BAGNELLA 1972 football team

21,30   Mess On stage… Punk –Rock Live!

21,30  Tonight special guest…Soul System with Deborah Lurato

21,30   “Attenti al luppolo”. This night on the stage…the Game, with the charisma of one of the greatest band of ever: The Queen.

Salera Square  Gardens square  Beltrami Square

Saturday 31

20,15 Solemn mass said by the clergy.

Later, the traditional procession in the town streets carrying Saint Vito’s Urn, with “Nuova Filarmonica Omegnese” music band and blessing of the lake and boats, to conclude.

21,30  Gospel choir Black inside

21,50  Dancing night with l’Araba Fenice school dance of Celine Govoni and dance sport group Dance Passion directed by Michela Beltrami

22,00  Zimbo –Ita. Live concert

Salera Square  Gardens square  Beltrami Square

Sunday 1

9,00 32 nd meeting of antique cars and motorbikes with exposition, in the afternoon 16 th elegance award

11,00 holy mass at “Collegiata”

15,00/17,00 Bell Tower Tour

21,30 Music Fireworks Gran Galà by Mattarello –GFG Graziani. Final step of the Fireworks Festival 2019

Later Raul Donovan Band official tribute to the commercial Disco Dance

22,10   Santarosa Dance School with Stefania Santarosa

Salera Square  Gardens square  Beltrami Square

Monday 2

11,00 Holy Mass at “Collegiata”

11,45 Opening of the restoration work in Sant’ Ambrogio “Collegiata” Church.

12,30 “Lunch of the Town Citizens” at La cittadella del gusto

18,30 Santa Marta hall, 29th gold stamp award

19,30 “See you in 2020!” dinner

20,30 Presentation of ASD Omegna football team

21,00 The Mascalzoni Latini Pino Daniele tribute

21,50  A night with the Alex Tosi band