The Salon of Diderot

The Salon of Diderot

Don Andrea Beltrami Square

Saturday 21 August 5 p.m.

Dante Alighieri: from the Cortese to Celeste talking about love-Speakers: Don Gianmario Lanfranchi and Prof. Simone Fornara


Sunday 22 August 5 p.m.

The good Politic: from the ideal to real. Speakers: Alessandro Canelli ( Mayor of Novara) Marco Curto ( Mayor of Montegrosso d’Asti) Paolo Marchioni ( Mayor of Omegna) Silvia Marchionini ( Mayor of Verbania) Emanuela Ramella Pralungo ( Mayor of Occhieppo Superiore and Vice President of Biella Province)


Saturday 28 August 5 p.m.

Art and faith: beauty of the world and devine splendour. Speaker: Mons. Angelo Brambilla (Bishop of Novara).


Sunday 29 August 5 p.m.

The Alps, the wilde and the sublime .Conversation about the “complex” beauty of mountain.

Speaker: Doc. Andrea Bocchiola.


The speeches will take place at the Forum, in case of rain.