Musica in quota 2020

On Sunday 2 August at 11,30 a.m.

Giardini “Torta in cielo” Monte Zuoli area


( 400 mt. Hight) Omegna Dedicated to Gianni Rodari


“Orto sociale”

Orto Sociale is an unconventional brass band, born from some musician’s love for the balcanic sounds and a circus-like philosophy. It’s come up with an original sound called “ multicolor music” where sometimes styles and different vibrations come one or can live together in a happy combination with an unusual taste, all to enjoy!


Tiziana Barbaro – Reader

Titi loves book covers and the books themselves but especially the ones for children. Thetricality Educator, she experiences all the readings with curiosity


Chiara Rigamonti

“ La pettirossa “ the robin

Soap bubbles like clear riflections, mirror of a different dimension, delicate breaths floating in the air.


Cikaboom company

Martino Miele e Alessandra Pessina


It’s a contemporary circus duo , born in the school of circus “Spazio Kabum” in Varese.

For the occasion it will perform the reinterpretation of its new show “let yourselves be pumpered”:

juggling, acrobatic in pairs, aerobatics, are the disciplines where it will show its ability, get ready to see amazing things!


Itinerary and notes

Monte Zuoli is a modest hill, above Omegna, that hosts the “Torta in cielo” park named after Gianni Rodari; it’s a real balcony overlooking the gulf of Omegna and lake Orta. It can be reached on foot in 40 minutes, starting from the parking place of Bagnella sport centre. In front of the swimming pools (blue domes) you cross a pedestrian bridge on the stream and a 100 mt. after, reach the entrance of a mule track ”Cariton” to Brolo of Nonio, after crossing the main road, you enter a paved lane to Monte Zuoli and after 500 mt, you reach it.


Pic nic lunch

Concert cancelled in case of rain


Technical details:

Starting: Sport Centre in Bagnella zone

Vertical drop: 80 mt.

Walking time: 40’