Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 . Lakeshore

FAIR OF THE LAKE AND CUSIO VALLEYS Crafts, trade ad hobbyst exhibitors and food court.


Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 . Martiri della Libertà Square

At 9,5 p.m. Accademia Wind Band.From the Dixieland of the 30’s to the modern jazz in a tribute to the “maestro” Ennio Morricone.
At 11,00 p.m.Fibos & FDRZ Light Up! ...A new light after the darkness! Giovani and starlight lights the night in the covid 19 time. Omegna- Playground area


Sunday 23 .Town hall arches

From 9,00 a.m. to 12,30 p.m. "cannoli" for solidarity with the San Vito committee, Kenzio Bellotti Association and Domus Sicula, with charitable purpose for "Casa Mantegazza"


Omegna oratory teint
3,00 p.m. SAN VITO LIGHTNING. CHESS FAST TOURNAMENT 10’+2’’ 9 ROUNDS Martiri della Libertà Square

9,15 p.m. Mr Egg, Rock Blues music, ranging from Clapton, BB King, Popa Chubby, Cream, Ray Charles and many other artists. The youngest one , is the singer and guitar player Stefano Bacino, musician and professionist, to point out also the pianist and maestro, Alberto Marazza ( long career as professional musician). Vittorio Sancio at the drums, popular as ex member of the Wally Franchini Band and of the Irish nusician Ray Heffernan’s one.


Booking required :

access this website to book the  fireworks night  and music events of the 117th edition, in order to respect the security rules anti covid-19.  It's  easy!