Registrations of the 2021 edition are open!

Plese remember that until 2021.09.12 or the achievment of the muximum number of partecipants for each challenge, you can make the pre -registration free of charge.


Only from the 2021.09.12, when everything about the regular conduct of the event will be clear, you’ll have to confirm your partecipation by paying the share.


Shares will be as follows:

. 100 km 120 euros

. 55 km 70 euros

. 31 km 40 euros

. 18 km 25 euros



Whether there were still free places, it would be possible ( even without the pre-registration) until 2021.09.27, to make the registration of the amount above.

Once passed the pre registration term, whether unallocated numbers were still available, it’d be possible to register until 2021.10.01 or after the closure for maximum number achievement, at the following rates:


. 100 Km 130 euros

. 55 Km 80 euros

. 31 Km 50 euros

. 18 Km 33 euros


Before proceeding with the registrtions, we remind you to read the regulation carefully, and in any case, to check regularly all the updates concerning eventual new restrictions depending on the ongoing pandemy.

All you have to do is choosing your race, going to the content page and click “register”!