Ultra Trail Lago d’Orta is a sports event hosted by our town every October.

Since 2010, this mountain race is attended by more than 1000 trail-runners from all around the world. It includes 5 different courses of different lengths, which unwind up and down the hills around Lake Orta, across beautiful surroundings.


2020 news!

60km 3800D (EX 70KM)* * modified distance because of the 2 and 3 October  flood.

Italian Absolute championship and Long Trail M/F Master

Regional championship and long trail M/F master

(F.I.D.A.L. Piemonte approval 123/ trail /2020)


Open competitions

60  KM 3800 D+

30  KM 1800 D+


140 km, 100 km and 17 km postponed to 2021


In Omengna's town centre, inside the village set up especially for the event – the starting and finishing line of all races – visitors can watch the runners arrive and visit the stands of the companies specialised in the outdoor sector.