1 Crusinallo

Crusinallo The largest and most densely populated area of Omegna.
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2 Bagnella

Bagnella From Omegna town centre you can reach the area along a cycling lane and footpath that run along the river banks. The area is in the proximity of the mouth of the Fiumetta stream, near the Municipal Sports Centre, the public beach, Boschina, Canottieri Città di Omegna rowing club, and Oasi della Vita. The village has two churches: the oldest is dedicated to Saint Bernardino; the more modern one is the Church of Santa Croce.
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3 Cireggio

Cireggio Pottery and stone remains dating from the late Bronze and Iron Ages, found in Cireggio, in the San Bernardo area, and on Mount Zuoli, show the presence of an ancient settlement in the area, where a protohistoric altar and a slide possibly used for propitiatory rituals were also found.
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4 Agrano

Agrano Located on Omegna's hills, at the foot of Mount Mottarone. The village became famous, at the end of the 1700s, when a mummy, called the “mummy of Agrano” was found nearby.
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5 Pescone

Pescone Is built 430 m above sea level, along the river from which it takes its name, near the border with Armeno.
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6 Borca

Borca A residential area closely connected with the church of San Gottardo, which celebrates its patron saint on 4 May with a festival.
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7 Canova del Vescovo

Canova del Vescovo The village, located at the border with the Strona Valley consists of a few houses and a church dedicated to Saint Anthony from Padoa.  
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8 Verta

Verta The small village north of Omegna hosts the Church of Our Lady of the Grapes.
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