Spending your holidays at Lake Orta will allow you to relax and enjoy natural scenes of incomparable beauty. Here you will find a list of facilities that provide direct access to the lake and offer a range of services, some of which are free of charge.



1 Lido di Bagnella

Lido di Bagnella The beautiful Lido di Bagnella beach, located in Omegna, in the area that shares its name, is an integral part of the Sports Centre and during the summer offers a nice and vast equipped green area. For a fee, guest can enjoy a number of services: sun loungers and umbrellas, access to the indoor and outdoor swimming pools, pedalos and games. It also has a bar.
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2 Bagnella Free Beach

Bagnella Free Beach This free beach with a grass and pebble bank is located between Lido di Bagnella and the Rowing Club. It has shaded areas and shower facilities.
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3 La Boschina

La Boschina Located in the residential area known as Bagnell, a few steps away from Lido di Bagnella, this free beach is near the canal and not far from the mouth of the Fiumetta stream and has a shaded area equipped for picnicking.
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4 Oasi della Vita

Oasi della Vita A green, free-access area in Bagnella, in Erbera, on the bank of the Fiumetta stream. Children can play while adults relax, play cards and bowls. It is also the perfect place for a snack or to have lunch or dinner, in the bar-restaurant located inside the park. Additionally, Oasi della Vita organises a range of courses and locals can have their own allotment to grow plants and vegetables on its land, which is provided by the Municipality of Omegna. The "Vegetable Garden Festival", during which all produce is put on show, is held every year in August.
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5 Alpe Selviana

Alpe Selviana Located on the western side of the Mottarone hill, 600 meters above sea level, this is an area specifically dedicated to cultivating raspberries, blueberries and organic vegetables, which visitors may pick and buy directly at the Agricultural Cooperative "Il Glicine", an agritourism facility.
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6 Alpe Mastrolino

Alpe Mastrolino Located at the feet of the Mottarone hill, approximately 550 metres above sea level, easily reachable on foot along a path that cuts through a chestnut forest. The walk takes approximately 40 minutes. The mountain hut enjoys spectacular views of Omegna and Lake Orta. It has an equipped area (part of which is sheltered) where visitors can eat outside and children can play in the park, climb up to the tree house and play football.
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