Lake orta is a subalpine lake in Piedmont, between the provinces of Novara and Verbania. In the middle ages it was known as San Giulio's lake, and it was only at the beginning of the XVII century that the name Lake Orta, from the main town on the lake, started to spread. The ancient name "cusius" comes from an incorrect reading of the "tabula peutingeriana" where we can find a lacus Clisius, still unidentified.

The historian Lazzaro Agostino Cotta, author of a famous study on lake Orta and surroundings, started using the name Cusio, that we can find in both learned and administrative texts, and it is still used nowadays referring to the lake. On the other hand it is only a legend that this name could come from a fantastic tribe called "Usii", appearing for the first time in some writings of the historian Antonio Rusconi around the year 1880.



Lake Orta is surrounded by mountains, separating it to the east from lake Maggiore with mount Mottarone and to the west from the Valsesia Valley. It is the most western between the great subalpine lakes, and it was created from the southern part of the Simplon glacier. Differently from the majority of alpine lakes, that have an outflowing river towards south, Lake Orta waters flow northbound, with the small river Nigoglia in the city of Omegna and then into the river Toce and lake Maggiore. In the middle of the lake there is the beautiful small island of San Giulio, with a Basilica and the relics of the Saint who gives his name to the island.

1 Orta San Giulio

Orta San Giulio It is one of the most significant medieval village in Italy and, in front of its amazing mauin square a few minute by boat, you can visit the fantastic isle of St. Giulio. From square Motta you can also reach the Holy Mountain about St. Fracis life, UNESCO heritage.
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2 Torre di Buccione

Torre di Buccione TORRE DI BUCCIONE E MONTE MESMA  It’s a medieval fortified fine tower placed on the top of a mount overlooking the lake. Nearby there’s the monumental complex composed by the seventeenth- century Franciscan monastery of Monte Mesma with its Via Crucis.
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3 Mottarone

Mottarone IL MOTTARONE  “The mountain between two lakes” is famous thanks to its geographical position and an amazing view.  From the top you can both the lakes and Monte Rosa; there’s also an entertainment park called Alpyland.
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4 Valle Strona

Valle Strona Valle Strona   Going up from Omegna you arrive in Valle Strona, which is a wooded valley, ‘land of contrasts’, crossed by the Strona river. The main centers of the Valley are Valstrona (1253 inhab) with its hamlets, and Germagno, Loreglia and Massiola.The Strona Valley climbs winding through the mountains, offering tourists enchanting and almost magical places to visit, among its villages rich in history and culture. At 1300 meters, at the top of the valley, there is the walser village of Campello Monti, a small village inhabited only during the summer months. Among the many excursions on the site, the walk from Campello to Lago del Capezzone (5382 km) is very beautiful. There you can buy locally produced butter and cheese along the paths. Also known as “Val di cazzuji”( Valley of spoons), the Strona Valley has been known for its woodwork since the 16thcentury. Even
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5 Line Service Navigazione Lago d'Orta

Line Service Navigazione Lago d'Orta Today all tourists who want to cross the lake and visit San Giulio island can take advantage of an efficient public service of navigation, operating every day from April to September with a scheduled timetable,  ensures daily service throughout the lake, enforced on on Thursday, the market day in the city of Omegna. We are the only public line service operating on lake Orta Our current fleet includes 3 ships: "Ortensia", "Valentina" e "Azalea" The public service allows to cross the lake reaching Pettenasco, Orta San Giulio and San Giulio Island, and the western side of Pella.   Departures at 9,00 at 14,15 at 11,40 on Thursday  
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6 Public Boat Service Consortium Lake Orta

Public Boat Service Consortium Lake Orta Se volete richiedere un preventivo, prenotare una barca per un matrimonio, per un compleanno, per un addio al celibato… o per un qualsiasi altro evento che vorreste organizzare sulle acque del Lago d’Orta: contattateci. Saremo lieti di fornirvi una consulenza gratuita per la scelta del servizio di navigazione più adatto. Il pontile della Consorzio ... è situato in lungolago Buozzi di fronte all’Ospedale COQ.  
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7 Quarna Sopra and Quarna Sotto

Quarna Sopra and Quarna Sotto QUARNA SOPRA E QUARNA SOTTO Quarna Sotto is also called the Land of Music its centuries-old production if wind instruments; Quarna Sopra is also famous thanks to the amazing view on Lake Orta from its panoramic viewpoint.
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