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Omegna, a municipality home to 15,000 people in the province of Verbano Cusio Ossola, is located north of Lake Orta, Italy's most romantic lake. A fascinating glacial lake, among the smallest and most characteristic in the north of Italy, 13 km long and 1.5 km wide at its widest point.

Lake Orta offers an enchanting landscape with lush forest vegetation dotted with small villages all along the Cusio territory, rich with historic and artistic value.

Omegna, with its beautiful mountains in the backdrop, reflects in the lake and extends along the Nigoglia, a canal that further north collects the waters of the Strona stream and then reaches Toce and Lake Maggiore.

Omegna, sul Lago d'Orta, tra le Prealpi
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La Nigoglia, affluente del lago d'Orta

The "Nigoglia" and the lake Orta

The Nigoglia is the only pre-alpine lake emissary that runs North: "the river that runs upwards" as it is known locally. The singularity of this phenomenon is explained by the fact that Lake Orta is positioned in a slightly higher position compared with Lake Maggiore. This is a reason of pride for the locals, known as "the wolves" (the animals that used to be represented on the municipal coat of arms) and reference to it is found in the motto on the Municipal building: "La Nigoeuja la va in su; e la legg la fèm nu!", a rhyme that translates as: "The Nigoglia runs upwards and we are the ones who write the laws!".

Omegna, a city to discover

Spending your holidays on Lake Orta will ley you to relax and enjoy naturalistic landscapes of unparalleled beauty.

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