Valle Strona

Valle Strona


Going up from Omegna you arrive in Valle Strona, which is a wooded valley, ‘land of contrasts’, crossed by the Strona river.

The main centers of the Valley are Valstrona (1253 inhab) with its hamlets, and Germagno, Loreglia and Massiola.The Strona Valley climbs winding through the mountains, offering tourists enchanting and almost magical places to visit, among its villages rich in history and culture.

At 1300 meters, at the top of the valley, there is the walser village of Campello Monti, a small village inhabited only during the summer months.

Among the many excursions on the site, the walk from Campello to Lago del Capezzone (5382 km) is very beautiful.

There you can buy locally produced butter and cheese along the paths.

Also known as “Val di cazzuji”( Valley of spoons), the Strona Valley has been known for its woodwork since the 16thcentury. Even today there are almost forty artisan companies dedicated to this activity.

The artifacts made by Gratagamul, those “who tickle the worms”, or the master turners, are mostly household items (pots, spoon, rolling pins) and ornamental products. The Pinocchio della Valle Strona is also a very famous artifact.

It is inspired by the Collodi puppet, who starts his journey to from the Valle Strona the stalls around the world.

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