The largest and most densely populated area of Omegna. In the past sixty years, it has been the hub of the household products industry, home to some of the most prestigious Italian brands: Alessi, Bialetti, Lagostina and Piazza.
The small town, part of the municipality of Omegna, is divided into a number of municipal areas: Lüchinasc, located south of the San Martinole stream; Le Brughiere, a small hamlet on the border with Granerolo; La Dogna, where Cusio's farmland used to be; Santa Rita, where the church dedicated to Saint Rita da Cascia is located; Cranna Sotto, a small group of houses, now part of Santa Rita; Cranna Sopra, known as San Fermo because of the Sanctuary built on the local hill; Gattugno, located on the border with Casale Corte Cerro.
At one time, the castle of the counts of Crusinallo (now, all that remains is a small deconsecrated church) was on its land and dominated the plain below.