The young crayfish Racconto di Gianni Rodari

The young crayfish


The young crayfish is one of Gianni Rodari’s tale that belongs to the famous Telephone tales collection.

We now read an extract:


A young crayfish was wondering: - Why in my family does everybody walk backwards? I want to walk forwards like frogs, and my tail falls off if I can’t succed!

It began to train secretly, between the stones of the native stream, the first days the mission was very hard: it hit everywhere, its armor was bruised and one leg was crushed with the other. But after a short time things were going to get better, because everything can be learnt, if we want it…

Will it do a long way? Will it be succesful? Wil it straighten up the wrong things in this world?

We can’t know it, because it’s still marching with the same courage and determination of the beginning.

We only can wish it , with all our heart: - Good journay!-

Gianni Rodari makes us think to the most unthinkable things: a crayfish that decides to be upstream and walk forwards, instead of backwards. Sometimes innovators walk alone, but if you believe in something you need to to go deeper.

The young crayfish” teaches to be selfconfident and to think for ourselves.