La Torre che non c'è THE TOWER THAT IS NOT THERE

La Torre che non c'è



The Capra Tower, already seat of Nigoglia academy. This curious institution of Omegna, born at the beginning of the 19 th century, was demolished in 1915 to make room to the current oratory church. In “Omegna cara” by Pasquale Maulini (1978) we read:


Along the Nigoglia, overlooking the roofs and the tangle of ways of the small hamlet, Torre Capra, seat of the popular Nigoglia academy, stood. This curious institution of Omegna….altought not renowned as the Crusca, Agiati, Trasformati and many others, must be considered a small hearth of culture.

It was founded by the lawyer Onorato Capra, skilled jurist who died in 1879 and Pier Alessandro Paravicini, author of the famous “Giannetto”, Doc. G.B. Finazzi author of “ dell’oracolo della Sibilla Cusiana”, the chemical Vito Fantoli, the Jesuit Giovanni Bordes, the popular architect and abbot Giuseppe Zanoia, the notary earl Gerolamo Bazzetta De Vemenia and other locals, took part in it.


Tha academy was based in the Capra Tower on the Nigoglia, on the narrow staircase of the tower, this admonition was written:


Né uom di pancia piena Neither full belly men

Né crinolata femmina nor well -dressed ladies

Salga per questa scala climb this staircase

Che al belveder ti mena. to the belvedere!



Foto di Giampiero Beltrami