Omegna Playroom

Fantasy Park's Playroom is inspired by Gianni Rodari's nursery rhyme “Il bambino di gesso” (The Chalk Boy). The room is hosted on the ground floor of the Civic Library and is named after our illustrious fellow citizen. It is a space where children can enjoy different play areas, on their own, or with entertainers: wood building blocks, a blackboard to write on the wall, the kitchen, the indoor swings and a crossword puzzle on the ceiling. In the Playroom, children can watch, read, "touch" and "play" the stories written by Gianni Rodari, in an environment that reflects the beauty of Lake Orta. A space to create, have fun and reinvent oneself, available for parties and to celebrate birthdays in an original and smart way.

Telephone : (+39) 0323 887233

Via XI Settembre 9, Omegna
Tel (bookings) +39 0323 887092