Farmhouse Il Glicine


“ Il Glicine “ Farmhouse

Alpe Selviana geographic location ( 600 mt. a.t.s) gave to the firm affiliated managers the possibility to choose an organic agricolture specialising in the production of cranberries and raspberries.

Grown fruits and vegetables can be bought directly at the farm, in local shops and markets, or transformed into nectars, juices, scirops, creams, compotes, spirit or liquor. Home delivery service at

The farm breeding of different animals makes possible the production of coldcuts and ( also sold in local markets) to serve typical local dishes at the farm restaurant where the goal is to let people know the typical flavours of the territory trough a traditional and simple cooking. The proposed menus follow the seasonality of row materials , so to offer customers the best freshness and quality.

Farm restaurant is open every day exept for Thursday in July and August, only on Saturday and Sunday in the other months from March to Ocober.

Via Selviana, 42, 28887 Omegna Agrano VB