The Canottieri Omegna sports club Historic seat of the sports club

The Canottieri Omegna sports club

Historic seat of the sports club

The historic building, originally seat of the Canottieri Omegna sports club, extends on one of the capes of Rio San Rocco ( best known as Real Camin) to dominate the entrance to the bay of Omegna.

We get some curiosities from the official web site of the club:

At the end of 1800’s , Lake Orta becomes a destiation of English tourism, which imports the rules of the modern rowing.


To attract and entertain turists speed competitions for different kinds of boats are organised. Some young Omegna citizens take part to these events with success, like testified by pennants and “palii” kept at our headquarter ( dated 1890). In 1982, in Orta, the first rowing european championships are organised: a crew from Omegna wins.

In the early 1900’s, groups of young boys supported by some wealthy citizens, begin to train themselves to take part to both rowing and swimming races.

In1909, in Orta, the italian rowing championship, takes place: a goddess on a kayak appears on the poster; it is one of the first official images of modern competition canoe.

In the early 1920’s, many young take part to lake events, attracted by cash and in kind prizes.

Enrico Alberganti named “Merica” with cousins and brothers pushes himself till lake Maggiore shores reaping success...The “Omegna Canottieri” was born.