Al Sasso Gambello cliff Rock gym

Al Sasso Gambello cliff

The old rock gym at the entrance of Strona valley has been arranged by Massimo Bodi together with a group of friends and volunteers of the Omegna CAI ( Italian Alpine Club) section.

From Omegna, we enter the provincial road to Strona valley and , in a short time, we come to the first houses of Sasso Gambello zone. From the “ Stazione Metano” parking place or from the pitches on the road side, by a track on the sign, after crossing a small bridge, walking for 2 minutes, we come to the first wall.Continuing on the right, following the indications ( little man of stone with the writing “ settore pilastrino” and paint spots) the steep path takes to the “pilastrino”.


The first is a leand plate with vertical sections of medium low but continous difficulty, suitable also for beginners and families

The high rock named “ Il Pilastrino” right down the electricity trellis is an interesting wall with technical, vertical shots in overhang, for the most demanding climbers.

Mainly south- west exposure, it is perfect in automn, winter and spring.


It can be wet after raining periods.

A 60/70 mt. rope, a dozen of quickdraws on longer shots-.

Number of cliffs: 15.

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