“Top ten” things to do

“Top ten” things to do

1) Walk along the river that “flows up” ( Nigoglia canal)

2) Walk from the town centre to Mastrolino alp to enjoy the amazing view on the lake and the town

3) Wark out and walk in the wood-Monte Zuoli area- where, in the “ torta in cielo gardens” space, you can also admire the installations dedicated to the writer Gianni Rodari.

4) Discover the charming alleys of the old town walking in the small area named “Quartiere Vaticano”.

5) Sant’Ambrogio’s Church

6) Boat Tour to discover the most enchainting and hidden corners which can be seen just from the lake

7) Walk along the lake shores having a break for a sunset aperitif

8) Taste the amazing local cookie in its different variations and names ( imperialine, reginette, duchesse, damine) depending on the pastry shop that produces it.

9) Ride a bike “on the lake!” Bicycles with enormous floating wheels hire, to cycle and have fun in the water.

10) Forum foundation. Art and industry museum. Here you can find out the history of the town through its prosperous industrial era, testified by the products which made it popular in the world with the name of “ household district”( Alessi, Bialetti, Lagostina, Girmi are only some of the industries which belong to our past and present time). Permanent exhibition dedicated to the writer Gianni Rodari entitled ”H2rOdari water Roots”. It’s about the author’s biography that develops around the water and the three lakes, represented and interpreted trough art installations. A kind of unique experience not to be missed!

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